The Streets Of New York

Artist: Willie Nile

Release Date: 02.21.06

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1. Welcome To My Head
2. Asking Annie Out
3. Game Of Fools
4. Back Home
5. The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square
6. Best Friends Money Can Buy
7. Faded Flower Of Broadway
8. When One Stands
9. Whole World With You
10. On Some Rainy Day
11. Cell Phones Ringing (In The Pockets Of The Dead)
12. Lonesome Dark-Eyed Beauty
13. Police On My Back
14. Streets Of New York

Album Description

Willie Nile "Streets Of New York"


Willie Nile - Streets of New York

"It wouldn't be hard to make a case for this as one of the best rock records of the young year. As good as it is, I'm guessing it'll probably still be at the top of that list at the end of the year." - VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE

"It's hard to believe that anyone feels so deeply or cares so much in this cynical age, which makes Streets of New York a refreshing anomaly. It is a rousing reminder that it's a pretty thing to be alive after all. Score of 4 out of 4" - SOUND & VISION

"Streets of New York is the most infectious, most compelling, least cynical and most put-it-on-again record that's likely to be released this year. Buy this record. If you don't like it, I'll give you your money back." - THE WORD (UK)

"Streets of New York is a must hear. We're only in April, but for anything to top this as album of the year, it's got to go a long way. Nile has set the bar high. Score of 9 out of 10."- STANDARD SPEAKER (Hazleton, PA)

"Nile captures the city's paradoxes and promises as well as anybody this side of Dion." - HARP

"Streets of New York just may be the ultimate realization and vindication of the long-delayed promise of a young artist whose time has finally arrived." - ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

"Willie Nile is a great talent... and Streets of New York is his masterpiece." - AMPLIFIER

"It's rare to write a review and say unequivocally: buy this CD - but Streets of New York is that kind of release." - TOLEDO BLADE

"It's Nile's crowning masterpiece... a riveting, stirring set of songs possessed of the heart and determination that New Yorkers are known for." - GOLDMINE

"One of the greatest Urban Americana albums of the 21st century-to-date. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars" - ALLMUSIC.COM

"In his slightly punky, slightly '70s-era Dylan way, Nile welds visually vivid, can't-not-pay-attention wordcraft with tunes that leave no doubt hes still a contender." - RELIX

"There's no three-minute pop drivel here. Streets of New York is Bob Dylan meets Elvis Costello, or Woody Guthrie meets the Ramones - powerful, heady lyrics alongside energetic, impassioned playing." - AN HONEST TUNE

"A fusion of punk swagger, folk rock balladry, and intelligent lyrics, Streets of New York is a self-assured and majestic portrait of New York City." - DAILYCD.COM

"Willie Nile should be as popular as free beer at a frat house." - SPRINGFIELD (MA) REPUBLICAN

"Streets of New York rocks hard, sports plenty of pop hooks and carries lyrical weight." - DAILY CAMERA (BOULDER)

"Hook-filled and rocking, the record sounds as fresh and vital as an upstart debut." - NEW YORK POST

"Awash with hooks and bursting with exemplary instrumentation." - NO DEPRESSION

"Streets of New York mixes ringing roots-rock, smart power pop and rabbit-punch punk into a Manhattan soundscape as definitive as Lou Reed's New York was 15 years ago. A-" - BOSTON HERALD

"A terrific return to form... Nile is back, in full embrace of the world." - CLEVELAND SCENE

"Nile's talent and writing are undeniable. They make a rock n' roll record that sounds classic yet new, innocent yet mature, and quintessentially New York in its origin." - OFFBEAT (NEW ORLEANS)

"Buy the CD, and you'll want to see his show. Anyone who catches Willie Nile's act won't need coffee or vitamins for a week." - ELMORE MAGAZINE

"Excellent... literate, melodic folk-rock (with a slight Clash-like crunch). 3 1/2 stars" - AMERICAN SONGWRITER

"Catchy and moving." - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"Who writes prose this good nowadays? The highly evolved lyrical content might lead you to believe that Nile is one of those coffeehouse wallflowers who strum politely in the corner. You would be dead wrong. Howling slide guitars, crackling drums, and brawny riffs that make you hum the lines incessantly for weeks at a time are scattered throughout Streets of New York." - IRISH VOICE

"Nile's latest album, Streets of New York, is far and away his best. A jubilant celebration of the city and the cast of characters that live there." - BACKSTREETS MAGAZINE

"A terrific mix of power-pop guitars and rootsy rhythms. B+" - THE ONION A.V. CLUB

"Underappreciated singer-songwriter Nile pays smart, loving homage to his city and in the process creates the album of a lifetime. 3 1/2 stars" - PIONEER PRESS

"This 14-song set is exhilarating, passionately performed and highly literate. 4 out of 5 stars" - NEWHOUSE NEWS SERVICE

"Nile's latest deserves to be heard." - ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP)

"Praise must be heaped on Willie Nile's Streets of New York." - NASHVILLE CITY PAPER

"Unabashedly big in scope, sound and heart... a stirring blend of youthful passion and worldly experience. 3 1/2 stars" - PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

"Streets of New York sets the bar mighty high for best album of the year." - STUDIO CITY SUN

"It's Nile's strongest, most well-rounded work... a career defining album. 4 out of 4 stars" - BUFFALO NEWS

"Streets of New York is a remarkable album, that rare timeless disc that is impeccable from start to finish." - WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL

"A spellbinding suite of songs aglow with exuberance, fire and perspective." - MUSIC CONNECTION

"A platter for the ages. Dazzling Dylan-meets-Patti Smith anthemics infused with breathless, beatific lyrics and crisp Buddy Holly rhythms. 4 out of 5 stars" - UNCUT MAGAZINE