Matt Mays and El Torpedo

Artist: Matt Mays

Release Date: 10.17.06

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1. Stand Down At Sundown
2. Travellin'
3. Cocaine Cowgirl
4. The Plan
5. Ain't So Heavy
6. Move Your Mind
7. What Are We Gonna Do Come The Month Of September?
8. Good People
9. Lost Souls
10. It Don't Matter
11. On The Hood
12. Time Of Your Life ('til You're Dead)
13. Wicked Come Winter

Album Description

Matt Mays & El Torpedo


Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Matt Mays & El Torpedo

"Matt Mays & El Torpedo reaffirm that the Great White North can rock the roots just as hard as its neighbors to the south." - Paste Magazine

"Gritty Neil Young-inspired tracks and Petty-esque numbers." - HARP Magazine

"Alt-country rockers known for their energetic live shows. 'Baby Buzz Band.'" - Penthouse "A blistering roots rock album. If Matt Mays & El Torpedo generate this kind of heat and light in the studio, their live shows must be a religious experience." - Amplifier

"Instantly gratifying rock songs." - Foam

"Rugged riffs and tight turnarounds." - Seven Days

"Rocker in the vintage folk-rock vein, Mays' self-titled debut shows his purist dedication to that tradition." - Time Out New York

"Mays' dreams sound big...but so do the band's guitars. The songs -- sprawling classic-rock-tinged anthems about cocaine cowgirls, dead-end friends, and lost souls -- sound even bigger." - The Boston Globe

"If Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers had been brought up in Nova Scotia, they might sound like these roots-rock dudes. And that's a compliment." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"On this sophomore album, Matt Mays has utilized an almost pristine balance - fusing at times the jagged, loud garage rock of Neil Young into a tighter, more polished Tom Petty format. This gorgeous combination makes it easily one of the most impressive albums you'll hear." -

"I can't even find the words to describe his genuine, gorgeous songcraft and the band's killer live performance." - Performing Songwriter

"Attacks with spiritual conviction." - The Orlando Sentinel

"Mays sings world-weary tales of broken love and long highways in a voice that often calls to mind Bruce Springsteen... vocal hooks that linger long after the tunes are over." - The Hartford Courant

"Antler shaking sensation...reaching for pop bliss." - Washington Post Express

"Mays wails over cosmic pedal steel strains and grungy dual guitars." - Daily Oklahoman

"Hot boys who play sincere rock." - Radar Online

"Mays and his band of badass boys El Torpedo are here to change the rules. With a voice that could make a believer out of David Byrne, these are songs to believe in. So the next time American Idol has you reaching for a ball peen hammer, or Rolling Stone magazine's covers have you scratching your head and asking "why," remember the name Matt Mays: He's got all the answers." - Studio City Sun