The Naked Flame

Artist: Ivan Julian

Release Date: 03.29.11

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1. The Waves
2. A Young Man's Money
3. The Naked Flame
4. Hardwired
5. That Look
6. The Funky Beat In Siamese
7. Constricted
8. The Beat
9. Sticky
10. You Is Dead
11. Broken Butterflies
12. Godiva (Bonus)

Album Description

Although his new release The Naked Flame is his first album under his own name, Ivan Julian has been one of rock's most celebrated players and most in-demand collaborators for more than three decades. The album, Julian's first collection of his own songs in more than 20 years, finds the veteran guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer effortlessly stepping back into the role of frontman/bandleader. The Naked Flame — set for release on March 29, 2011 on 00:02:59 Records — features a dozen compelling new songs that benefit from Julian's commanding performances as well as his seasoned studio skills, which give the tracks a timeless warmth and immediacy.
The Naked Flame draws upon Julian's extensive musical background, while exploring some exciting new songwriting territory. Such rousing original compositions as “The Waves,” “Hardwired” and “A Young Man's Money” combine raw-nerved electricity with adult lyrical insight, while the bittersweet “You Is Dead” (partially inspired by Julian's friend and former bandmate, the late Robert Quine) meditates upon loss with warmth and humor. In addition to Julian's own compositions, The Naked Flame features a pair of inspired cover tunes: a haunting reworking of Lucinda Williams' "Broken Butterflies," and a bracing reading of "The Beat," originally recorded by Alejandro Escovedo's old new wave outfit the Nuns.


This stands as his official debut and it makes you wish he would have begun his solo career a lot earlier. The Naked Flame recalls an earlier time, yet its exposed fire burns with the heat and intensity of a veteran rocker who has been there, done that, and is ready for his turn in the spotlight. 4 out of 5 stars. - All Music Guide

Guitarist Julian has played sideman to the stars for over 30 years, rarely stepping into the spotlight. This first LP under his own name makes you wonder why. His jagged, aggressive rock/pop sets him apart from folks more famous for six-string skills than vision. Julian's spent decades as a slinger and needs to prove his writing skills, rather than his virtuosity. On the basis of The Naked Flame, no problem. - The Big Takeover

Backed by the Argentinian trio Capsula, Julian's work is less about reliving the past and more about adding another chapter to it. 8 out of 10 stars. - BLURT

I've been following Ivan as a guitar player since 1978. It has been years since he made a real electric guitar record. This is an absolutely scorching guitar record that reminds me of his work in the Voidoids and also updates the sound for the 21st century. - Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

His new songs are every bit as noisy and nasty as ever - thank god. The Naked Flame burns as hard and hairy as an album and a song can. Ivan's Funky Beat can be yelled in any language, and still make you shiver, shimmy and shout right back. So cool. - Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four)

This is rock that looks good in just a t-shirt and jeans - nothing fancy but perfect in its purity and simplicity. This is rock 'n' f***ing roll, not some hybrid, new millennial thing - a hardwired sound to piss a day away to, an ogle at a fine frame in a tight sweater and skirt, bedrock punk and blues transmogrified into a good beat you can dance or make out to. It's a touch mind-boggling that this is Julian's solo debut but his patience has produced a relentlessly great work. - Dirty Impound

I would like to announce that I am officially retiring from making music after hearing Ivan Julian's The Naked Flame. He's done it. From the first bounding beat of "The Waves" to the last howling feedback of "Godiva" the whole album rocks with powerful messages and poetry leaving the rest of us behind to just watch and learn... "A Young Man's Money" is a timeless anthem. The Naked Flame is a timeless classic. - Alejandro Escovedo

Ivan Julian sounds like he's The Black Keys' Daddy. This record is a kick in the groin, nothing but straight forward rock and roll that would probably scare hipsters. - Future Sounds

Ivan Julian sings with a wreckless abandon that harkens back to Mick Jagger from the '60s. His vocal swagger and musical chops combine for an album that will blow you away. - Ink19

It's a brilliant album from one of rock music's most criminally overlooked guitarists. - iTunes (official editorial review)

The album has an old newness to it. It hits you like Mom's frying pan, bashing you upside the head to her saying, "Stop playing that G**-d*** ROCK 'N' ROLL!!" But it’s with a journey-man's perspective, and the songs create raw-nerved electric with adult lyrical insight. - Jersey Beat

The fire that burns on the streets of the Bowery and the Lower East Side is alive and well and ablaze in the masterful hands of Ivan Julian. He's the real thing and he's never been better. The Naked Flame is a modern day punk classic. Jimi Hendrix would love this album. Great work Ivan. - Willie Nile

The Naked Flame turned out to be worth the wait. Julian converts his 35-plus years of experience as a working musician into a cohesive statement of self. He is damn good. - The Onion A.V. Club

Especially with the energy of a young, enthusiastic band of disciples backing him up, Julian manages to put across a sound that's simultaneously spiky and sophisticated, visceral and richly textured. - Our Stage

The most basic of rock elements-wounded guitar, shriekmoaned vocals, sudden stops and starts-are transformed into something cathartic. Put simply, it rocks. - PopMatters

For fans of Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground and Lou Reed this is an essential album to add to your collection. - PowerPopaholic

I've been getting so many "mature" adult-ish records by former punk rockers... so I actually put this aside a few weeks before spinning it. Big mistake! I wasted weeks of my life that could have been enriched by this youthful, intense, wild, rave up of a record. This is an awesome record! - Roctober

Ivan Julian has released his own album at last - and hopefully it will initiate another phase of his career. It contains excellent songwriting, crisp playing, and solid production. It is the culmination of a 42-year journey, which will hopefully continue well into the future. - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

What a great rock'n'roll record! There is such joy in these grooves. This is pure New York rock'n'roll poetry, tough and sweet at the same time, connecting the dots between Hendrix and No Wave. Like a long-lost classic this record will make you thrill with the excitement of discovery. - Jon Spencer

It's an amazing piece of work. Fans of Richard Hell should enjoy it. Really anyone with a soulful taste in Rock should get their fill. Just get it now. A+++ - TX Punk