Little Victories

Artist: Leeroy Stagger

Release Date: 03.15.11

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1. Everyone's On Drugs
2. Long Way Home
3. Sit Around The House
4. Holy Water
5. Good Things
6. Waste Of A Wedding
7. Poor Little Rockstar
8. Way Down
9. George's Blues
10. Hardtown
11. She Will Be Received
12. I Believe In Love
13. Love Will Let You Down

Album Description

Little Victories is Stagger's most realized effort to date and he begins the album with a standout track, "Everyone's On Drugs". A haunting tune with far more than just an effortless melody and a tender vocal performance, the song tells a complex tale of substance abuse. As the song progresses, the layers unfold and revelations about the societal implications of self medication bring themselves to the forefront, demonstrating Stagger's thoughtful lyrical style. Tracks such as "Poor Little Rockstar" shine in a stark and ethereal arrangement. "I Believe in Love" (an ode to John Lennon) precedes the beautifully tragic closer "Love Will Let You Down". Produced by Stagger and Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath), Little Victories was recorded at Rebeltone Studios in Lethbridge, Alberta and mixed by Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo, Jim Bryson, The Weakerthans). The album features musical guests Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Wilco), Romi Mayes, Daniel Lapp, Christina Zaenker and Geoff Hillhorst (Deep Dark Woods). Also on hand to helm the album were Stagger's core band, The Wildflowers: Kevin Kane (guitar), Tyson Maiko (bass) and Kyle Harmon (drums).