Big Strike in Silver City

Artist: Frank Smith

Release Date: 11.10.09

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1. Put Me In A Hole
2. Everybody Knows
3. Ruin Me
4. Let's Die Tonight
5. You Just Like To Lose
6. Highway Eyes
7. No More Animals
8. Leona
9. Keep The Money
10. Empty TVs
11. Purple Front Door

Album Description

The band expertly walks on the edges of gritty Americana, churning out chugging country ditties, complete with mournful pedal steel strains and touches of the harmonica, but also flexing its muscles to deliver raw rock songs with plenty of bite and crunch. Memorable melodies, affecting lyrics, and whiskey soaked vocals are all a part of this package of impressive barroom stompers.

Big Strike was recorded at The Bubble in town with Alex Lyon at the helm.