Hard Drugs

Artist: Hard Drugs

Release Date: 08.04.09

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1. Lloyd And Aline
2. Terminal City
3. Bad Ideas (Don't Give Up)
4. The Proposal
5. No Choice
6. Every Step
7. Some Things
8. To Get Drunk And Picked Up By Cops
9. Happiness
10. When It's Dark Out And It's Raining
11. Footnote
12. Salvation Blues
13. Lloyd And Aline (Reprise)

Album Description

00:02:59 joins forces with Stay Gold Records to release Hard Drugs.

Hard Drugs is an indie rock opera that trusts in spectacular songs rather than an elaborate stage production to tell a twisted love story that could only happen in Terminal City. The final product is a 13-song double LP showcasing an orchestral mix of roots, rock, punk, savvy percussion and heartbreaking harmonies conceived by Jeffry Lee and executed with help from a cache of his talented friends.

Love's the hardest drug of all. Lloyd, the small-time thief and big time boozer and his prostitute lover, Aline, learn this lesson by the end of the musical story, Hard Drugs. Lloyd cannot bear his precious Aline leaving each night into the downtown Eastside of Terminal City, but she cannot quit her hooking for fear of what her pimp, Slim, might do. The only way the fated couple can have a chance at reclaiming Happiness is for Slim to die. Luring his friend, and occasional dealer, Hank, into a plot to have Slim overdose on a shoddy batch of drugs, Lloyd and Hank successfully convince Slim to have a bump. Will this free the lovers of their sketchy pasts, deliver them from the clutches of Death, releasing them into eternal bliss? After all, if Aline has Lloyd, and Lloyd has Aline, other than that, what could they need?

Collaborators include members of Blood Meridian, Black Mountain, Lightning Dust, Pink Mountaintops, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Limb Lifter, Bughouse 5, Bend Sinister, Fan Death, The Mohawk Lodge, Bison, and Bason among many others.


"Hard Drugs are a wolf among a flock of bleating postmodern sheep." - Ian Astbury