Clay George

Artist: Clay George

Release Date: 04.28.09

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1. Dear Loneliness
2. If I was a Sailor
3. Sweet Nadine
4. Old Streamliner
5. This Old Town
6. She's Gone
7. Country Love Song
8. Blue Spruce Circle
9. Cherry Bank Hotel
10. Float On Down
11. Spendin' Time
12. Dear Loneliness (Reprise)

Album Description

Essentially it's the voice.

A voice you recognize but can't place, singing about a place you recognize but can't face. At the core, Clay George writes about the ironies of being too sharp an observer in a world where people only see what they want to see. His voice was made for the car radio in another era. You tuned in while driving a lonely road at night, desperate for diversion. That's it, that's the voice! And then you never heard that song again.

But sometimes the only difference between a good song and a great song is the size of its audience. Here are some good songs that are destined to be great. Listen.