oh skies of grey

Artist: Dana Falconberry

Release Date: 09.30.08

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1. Someday (3:13)
2. Love Will Never Leave You Alone (2:42)
3. Do You (3:26)
4. Silver (3:24)
5. Singing Lullabies (3:40)
6. Blue Umbrella (3:34)
7. Satin Dress (3:32)
8. Birthday Song (3:13)
9. Fluorescent (4:24)
10. Pine Tree (3:09)
11. Baby Blue Sky (5:30)
12. Clementine (3:21)

Album Description

As you'll hear, oh skies of grey travels a spectrum of moods and modes between the gently buoyant romanticism of the opening track "Someday" to the airy closing grace note of "Clementine." The songs swing ("Love Will Leave You Alone"), lilt ("Do You") and enchant like mesmeric mantras ("Silver" and "Fluorescent") as well as revel in the natural world ("Pine Tree"), plumb the depths of solitude ("Satin Dress") and even ponder the moments following Falconberry's own passing ("Singing Lullabies"). There are moments of piquant delicacy like "Blue Umbrella," "Birthday Song" and "Baby Blue Sky" within a musical rainbow of stylistic splashes that range across folk, blues, jazz, Southern mountain music, ambient modernity and more.

Ultimately it all plays like no one else but Dana Falconberry. Produced by her manager Roy Taylor, who has recorded such Austin acts as Glass Eye, Stick People and Craig Ross, oh skies of grey is anchored by the deft rhythm section of drummer Michael Longoria (known for his work with Patty Griffin) and bassist Luis Guerra (who, with Longoria, is the core of their band Terremoto, and has played with Griffin, Alejandro Escovedo, Marc Ribot and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck) and sweetly iced with the alluring harmony vocals of Erika Maassen and Gina Dvorak.