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Since the advent of recorded music, every decade has produced a select handful of albums that, while truly great, remain largely undiscovered. Sometimes these records emerge a generation later to great fanfare. Sometimes, sadly, they don't. The good news here is that while the 2000's aren't finished yet, we won't have to look very hard or wait very long for two such exceptional albums.

To A Friend and Did You Think I Was Gone?, both by the iconoclast Tandy, will be released by Brooklyn-based indie, 00:02:59, on July 24th. Two complete albums packaged together (for one low price!). To say the very least, this release will be an eye opener for the uninitiated. And, the newly re-mastered albums and bonus material will make it essential for those already in the know.

Tandy, helmed by the enigmatic Mike Ferrio, is said to have come up through the ranks as a farmer, tombstone artist, and roadie before forming Tandy in 1997. Ferrio himself has said that he took his newly formed band to its first gig without a band name. "We were plugging in our guitars to play when the club owner insisted we needed a name so he could introduce us," remembers Ferrio. Tandy is actually a character (and chapter) in a book called Winesburg, Ohio by the American modernist forefather, Sherwood Anderson. Ferrio breaks into a shy grin and chuckles, "I never bothered to change it."

It seems the apple fell not so very far from the tree as Tandy was immediately signed to the Tomato (Townes Van Zandt) label for its solid, but sadly overproduced eponymous debut in 1997. The songwriter/bandleader took matters into his own hands thereafter and produced the ensuing five Tandy records on his own record label, Yellow Slipper - unfettered and undistracted by the meddling machinations of the music business. Apparently the energy spent writing these great songs and making five top shelf records left no time for promotion. In fact, getting noticed doesn't seem to have been a priority for this band.

Priority or not, Tandy has been noticed and built an impeccable reputation for great songs and live shows. Other musicians and songwriters have been the early, and most enthusiastic, in supporting and spreading the word about Mike Ferrio and his band. Some of the more well-known artists who are fans of Tandy include Steve Earle, Jim White, Kelly Willis and the late, great Dave Van Ronk. This steady stream of cult devotees helped Tandy land a deal with RED distributed 00:02:59. "It's nice to think that my music will be more available and easier to find," says Ferrio. "I did my best making these records. I'm really grateful that the 00:02:59 people believe in them and are going to get them out there."

Both To A Friend and Did You Think I Was Gone? were originally manufactured in editions of 500 and sold almost entirely to appreciative U.K. and European live audiences. Both of these albums will ultimately be included in many 'best-of' lists. Simply choose a category and insert either title at or near the top.







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